Wild At Art


Earth, Wind and Fire

Hannah Sidner is an accomplished artist in ceramics. She's one with the elements as she creates her works from scratch, making her clay, glazes, and even refurbishing old-school kilns herself. Off the grid in the North Carolina mountains, she's been a farm to table pioneer who thrived with no internet and minimal outside contact. Her elegant and truly notable Japanese style ramen bowls are a must have. Hannah Sidner is one-of-a-kind, as is her art.

The Portraitist

Alexander Alvarado is a portrait artist living in Westchester NY. He has been painting and evolving his style for some eight years and still claims that his work is in it's infancy. Creating in the digital space he paints his family, boxing, Formula 1, actors and heroes. Thanks to consistent positive peer pressure Alex finally put his work out there for all to see. And we did. Alex is modest to a fault and so we happily join his growing fan base calling for more from this rising talent.

Alex Pilou / INDYCAR

The Bold and the Beautiful

Talking to Anthony and Monica Hall is nothing short of inspiring. As he says, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” And so, Anthony and Monica took a shot. Monica in fashion creating bold and beautiful African prints for girls and Anthony, brand new to his artistic talent, creating powerful graphic art, posters, paintings and some apparel. Anthony was drawn to his signature bright colors by sunrise on a mission trip in Africa. And finds inspiration and encouragement in Monica’s style and constant support. For the Hall’s this is clearly just the beginning. 

The Treasure Within

Katie Sloan is a jewelry designer working in clay, a recent transplant from Australia, she has a delightful enthusiasm for life and for loving others, and that comes through in her creations. Katie reflects the textures, shapes and colors of places in the world she finds inspiring. From Australia to Sedona she has a great range and admits that she can't be put in a box with regard to her style and creative direction. Her connection with God, dolphins, and with people elevates our perspective. You'll want to know Katie Sloan.

Chipping Away in Maine

Artist and sculptor Jon Moro creates life from wood in a most unique way. He has combined his passion for sports and human movement with the history and character of games to literally carve out a unique space in the world of art. His twenty year career includes sculptures of sports legends like Yogi Berra and Wayne Gretzky, and heroic episodes like David and Goliath and Robin Hood. His works captures the soul of the subjects so that they can tell their own stories. Jon engages the imagination and pleases the eye, as he chips away at his passion in Maine.

The Story Lady

Liz Snowden is an artist, colorist, creating bright, bold, whimsical art with a happy heart. As she puts it. Her current series entitled "Story Ladies" is a study in bold color and personality. She connects her love of unique words with portraits of ladies who vividly spring from her imagination. Liz's style embodies her idea that art doesn't necessarily need to be serious. Quite the contrary. Art can be fun, light and full of whimsy. Liz creates her Story Ladies – and maybe she's writing her own story in the process. Enjoy some whimsy with Liz Snowden. 

A Dream or a Day

Andrea Nelson is a full-time artist with a bright, colorful and whimsical style. Her primary inspiration is animals, and she loves painting them in a mix of realism and color abstraction. Her style is a reflection of her infectious enthusiasm and non-stop drive that has combined to make her a successful entrepreneur, a Tik Tok influencer, and an inspirational creator. She shares her journey, how she built a path that empowered her to chase her art, and some words of wisdom she received one day from a truck driver that nudged her into her current pursuit. Enjoy some time with Andrea. Was it a dream, or a day?

2 Chefs in the Kitchen

Brother & Sister, John Gifaldi and Patty Heiden, were born into an Italian family in Western NY. That would tend to mean that there was a culture of cooking as a love language, and they learned from the best, their Italian mom and grandma. Some years ago they were able to finally bring their love of cooking and entertaining to life in their Atlanta business. They create experiences for their clients (friends) in their homes and are loving every minute of it. John and Patty have a passion for the art of cooking that bubbles over in our conversation. Enjoy 2 Chefs in the Kitchen.

The Hippie Kids

Meet Scooby and Kissie, the Hippie Kids. These dynamic and talented sisters have evolved from kids playing models on homemade runways to hard working young entrepreneurs launching an international online fashion and lifestyle store. And the Hippie Kids retail shop opens in Acworth GA in the Summer of 2021. You can find them with their pop-up shop at markets around the south, selling fashion and "threading love" from a vintage VW bus named Daisy. At one point boasting over 250,000 followers on Instagram this pair is making waves. We sit down in the kitchen with the girls, Scooby's husband Taylor, three-year old son Judah, and their support crew Mike and Kim (Parents), for a loud, crowded conversation about how they make it all happen.

Summer Skillman

Our title, “It’s not just a job – it’s an adventure”

is an 80's tagline from the US Navy and

particularly apt for this episode with Summer Skillman. Summer joined the Navy as a nuclear engineer and traveled all around the world. She talks about her time in Japan where her artistic and entrepreneurial spirit began to flourish, creating a marketing origami flowers. Unlike many artists Summer is blessed to be using both sides

of her brain – an engineer – she’s an upbeat and practical marketer, plus she’s deeply artistic, talented and an enthusiastic creator. Today she lives happily in the Shenandoah Mountains where she is inspired by the natural landscapes to create beautifully moody paintings.

Our adventure begins, with Summer Skillman.

Jack LeGrange

Jack is an energetic painter hailing from South Africa and now makes his home in Atlanta. He and his wife came to the US ten years ago and were just recently granted US citizenship. In this episode we discuss how life in America has influenced his creative direction and how his solitary beginnings with canvas and brush became a fulfilling career full of friends, family and a community of artists he loves. Listen now as we talk with Jack LeGrange, an original American painter.

Jack Nicholas

Writer Jack Nicholas is in the process of publishing his first children’s book called Fox and Butterfly. Jack taps into his recent life experiences where he learned

valuable lessons about ones responsibility to others, and how obsession with capturing one object above all else can do damage – just like the fox who

chases the butterfly. He talks about the inspiration for his story and how he was able to distill some pretty complex issues down to a message a child can

understand. We discuss courage, joy, kindness, gratitude and acceptance. And how the lovely story of the Fox and Butterfly can communicate to both kids and adults.

Drew Balfour

Traveler, adventurer, videographer and photographer, Drew Balfour, talks with us about discovering his hidden talent through exploring the world, extreme adventure and soul searching. He found himself in college pursuing a major that didn’t feel authentic. Then, he realized his passion was merging his wanderlust, his talent for making images, and his love of extreme sports like high lining, snowboarding, climbing, and skydiving. Now Drew has come full circle and is building a media business while still chasing his passion. Get inspired to get out there, push your limits and find your true calling.

Dionne White

Dionne is an artist, writer and speaker and she graciously leads us through her journey from a life depressed, to now a life beautifully expressed. She found her purpose through reconnecting with her faith and becoming inspired by an ancient Japanese art form called Kintsugi. She is as courageous as she is an inspiration and her art is a bright reflection of her core theme – “acknowledge the pain, but paint the promise.”

“You Are Not Alone” – done for Dionne’s Clemson University talk.

Click the link below to get Dionne’s book.

Beth Affolter

Beth is a well-known Nashville artist, and now teaches AP Art in a Nashville area high school. We talk with her about her spiritual journey in art, that has taken her from graphic design in Switzerland to art galleries in Nashville, to teaching. And how she overcame that old snarky adage, “Those who can, do – and those who can’t, teach.” And we dig into how her passion for teaching influences her life in art and how she has reinvented herself along the way.

Chris Maximin

A young, up and coming talent,

Chris Maximin combines his love of cartooning and his music for a truly unique artistic expression, from music video to cover art to acrylic and sculpture. He is bringing cartoons into the contemporary art scene, a genre he says has been overlooked up to now. Chris grew up loving 2D animated movies and cartoons and he wants to spearhead a renaissance of the classic style of animation.

Laura Coston Anrud

Laura developed her style in Portland, OR along what she says was a rocky path, before coming back home landing in the idyllic setting of Farmington, GA near Athens. She is a self-proclaimed horse person with a heart for all creatures great and small. In her studio there she works magical pieces that reflect a beautiful mind and depth of spirit.

Annie Thrasher

A beautiful story of redemption as Annie discovers who she is. Through devastation and rejection she empowers herself to grow in her art and realizes her vision, which inspires and delights us all. Walk a mile in her bare feet and learn what it means to “rock on barefoot!”